Fan Cost Index for MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL

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The idea with Fan Cost Index is to estimate the cost for a family of four to attend a live sporting event. With the index you can both compare the historical development within a team sport or league, but also between different teams, sports and leagues.

Russell Scibetti, the founding editor and primary author of  The Business of Sports, recently created an interactive dashboard of the Fan Cost Index for MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL.

You can calculate your own Fan Cost Index by total up the cost of two adult average price tickets, two child average price tickets, four small soft drinks, two small beers, four hot dogs, two programs, two adult-size caps and one parking ticket.

It’s notable that, in general, the ticket price have the largest impact on the Fan Cost Index. However, it’s pretty clear that most sports teams and event have to focus more on the total (match/event day) revenue instead of (only) ticket sales.

// Magnus Berglund

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