Did NHL just won the last NBA ”Twitter war”?

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NBA appeals to calmer tone on Twitter, meaning that official team social media accounts should take it easy with ”cyberbullying” other teams, players and officials in (by fans, popular) ”Twitter war”.

In short, the league stated in their updated Twitter guidelines that social media should be used for fun, not to reflect poorly on players, teams or the league as a whole.

The memo that were sent out by the NBA reminded teams what they weren’t able ”to do, citing belittlement of an individual opponent or official, mimicking opponents or officials in a negative manner, and criticizing NBA officiating”.

By the way, let’s just say that NHL took the opportunity.

Personally, I often found many of these digital ”fights” between official team accounts very enjoyable. It will be interesting to follow the NBA case and see how it will impact other leagues – and, if it’s possible at all, to control what editors and players tweet, without lowering fan engagement in the social channels. 

// Magnus Berglund

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