Snow volleyball can make the sport double Olympic

With a little bit of luck (and a lot of hard work), volleyball can be the first sport to appear in both the Summer and Winter Olympics. Say hello to snow volleyball.

The ”new” sport is spreading in the European alps and the international federation, FIVB, have their eyes on the Winter Olympics.

“Unfortunately, all winter games are limited to those countries where conditions for practicing winter sports are available. But within that group of winter sports countries, I think snow volleyball is going to be a big success. I really hope we can see it at the Olympics one day.”, says Martin Lebl, beach volleyball Olympian from Sydney 2000.

With a European tour already established, volleyball officials have set out an agenda that would bring the new snow sport to Asia, Argentina and the United States with an eye toward approval as a demonstration sport at the 2022 Beijing Games.

Sorry, I have no idea if snow volleyball have any chance to be a demonstration sport ”already” 2022. However, I find it interesting that Red Bull logos always appear in those new, hip contexts…