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About Us.

So, you want to know some more about Sports Biz Trends? That’s perfect, curiosity is what develops us (and the industry).

The Story

Sports Biz Trends, or SportsBizTrends.com if you like, is a platform and newsletter community for free sports industry-related content. It is founded by me, Magnus Berglund, and has grown without a plan. No one knows where we are going. Oh, by the way, do you want to join?

On the content part of the website, you will find some of the scouts that our team, and our readers, have recently picked up. We follow the major sports industry news sources so that you don’t have to.

Everyone is free to contribute with their own insights and experiences through a guest post, as long as the quality is at reasonable levels. Our belief is that we can all benefit from fresh ideas, good insights, and exchange of experience across borders.

As I recently said, there is no plan. However, we have a couple of categories to easier explain what type of insights and articles you can expect to find over time.

Some of the areas we constantly think about are:

  • Sponsorship
  • TV & Media
  • Matchday & Merchandise
  • Arena & Stadium
  • Athlete Marketing & Management
  • Bidding & Mega Event
  • Event & Logistics
  • Fan Experience
  • And much more…

With that in mind, you might visit the section for Articles or In-depth content.

Definition of trendspotter

A person who notices and reports on new fashions, ideas, or activities that are becoming popular.”

Cambridge University Press

“A person who identifies and makes predictions about developing trends in the culture at large or in a particular field (such as marketing).


About Me

From 2010 to 2015, I worked with sports marketing within Dentsu Network (and Aegis Media). Then, I run my own business as an independent advisor and consultant, and since 2022 I am the Marketing Manager for a Finnish challenger.

2015 was also when I started SportsBizTrends.com and the newsletter.

Over the years, I have worked with major sponsors, as well as with rights holders in sports leagues, clubs, events and NGOs. And since a few years back, I also help some of the best athletes with personal branding and sponsorship advice.

Together with my good friend Frans Fransson, we published the book Hållbar sponsring (“Sustainable Sponsorship”), a complete guide for rights holders who want to increase their sponsorship income in a healthy way. The book was nominated for “Marketing Book of the Year 2019” by the Swedish Marketing Association.

With experience from various assignments in strategy, activation and valuation of sponsorship, from grassroots to the English Premier League, I am happy to share my insights about the possible future with others here at SportsBizTrends.com, as well as in other industry channels.

My experience is that it is through sharing that I develop and keep myself up to date. And I don’t think I’m alone in that regard.

Inspiration is there to be shared. It’s that simple.

With that said, feel free to contact me to contribute your insights here on the website, or for other requests. You can reach me via email, the contact form or LinkedIn.

If the time is right, we can discuss sports business and marketing trends over the phone, in a video meeting or a traditional “fika”.

If you happen to have an extra ticket to your own event, I am happy to make a live visit if time and travel allow.

With future in mind,
Magnus Berglund

Contact Me

Feel free to reach out through email or LinkedIn.

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