’Experience their experience’ and 15 other takeaways

Sportsbiz wizard Neil Horowitz attended an annual sports conference in Newport Beach and picked up ”countless nuggets of wisdom” and insights.

In his latest blog post, Neil shares 16 key takeaways.

  1. Fans are looking for tickets on mobile, but more of the money is still on desktop
  2. Personalization is prime
  3. UVA is getting the most they can out of social media
  4. New fans are tougher to come by than retaining old fans
  5. Groups getting easier
  6. Michigan is mixing marketing with excitement
  7. Mike Veeck says fear of failure can’t hinder innovation and creativity
  8. Experience their experience
  9. The difference between creating demand and meeting demand
  10. Keys to hiring right, from Disney
  11. If you’re resolving pain points, make sure the people who need to know, know
  12. Data is useless without strategy and organization
  13. Stanford is making it easier on mobile
  14. Authenticity has a look… and it’s not highly produced
  15. Fan Development and Feverish Fan Development
  16. A little mobile can go a long way

Read the full post to get the content behind the headlines and make sure you bookmark the entire blog.

Personally, I found the topics ”Groups getting easier” and ”Personalization is prime” extra interesting. And ”Experience their experience” is my top-pick.