Will LA 2024 be the most innovative Olympics ever?

The city of Los Angeles goal is to be world-leading in the areas of innovation, technology, and green initiatives. With the Silicon Valley only 350 miles away, the conditions couldn’t, of course, be better. The strategy will have an impact on the Olympics – if Los Angeles wins the bid for the 2024 Summer Games.

One of the ”innovative” areas LA 2024 are looking at is eSports.

LA2024 Chair, Casey Wasserman, says:

”eSports’ immense global popularity and continued advances in digital technologies as tremendous tools for reconnecting millennials with the Olympic movement.”

Augmented reality could be real

Casey Wassermann hopes that technologies such as augmented reality will make the Olympics more interesting to a younger demographics, and ”to promote healthy lifestyles [as] a key objective… to create a new Games for a new era in 2024”.

LA2024 is also looking at hackathons.

The bid organization sponsored, for the second consecutive year, the LA Hacks Hackathon event at UCLA’s Pauley Pavilion. The event brings together programmers to work intensively around the clock on hardware and software issues and solutions, including some that will be integrated into the Olympics.

”LA 2024’s involvement with LA Hacks… is proof of young people’s love for the Olympic and Paralympic Games – participants jumped at the opportunity to contribute to creating the most innovative Games experience in history.”, says Luke Chui, LA Hacks President and current UCLA student, to SportsFeatures.com.

VR – the closest to the Olympics you will ever be?

Then, there is Virtual Reality.

California-based company NextVR are making progress to re-invite live, immersive sports broadcasting. Partnering with leagues such as the NBA and Major League Baseball, fans can experience the games through virtual reality via the NextVR app. The broadcasts feature multiple camera views, replay, graphics, and even dedicated commentator and analysts.

And don’t forget the sustainability program with green innovation in center.

”Under the leadership of the venue’s owner, AEG, StubHub Center will be the location of LA 2024’s Green Sports Park, highlighting the best in sport and green innovation.”, said Brence Culp, Sustainability Director of LA 2024.

And, as the GreenSportBlog describes it:

”Before we get to LA 2024’s sustainability story, let’s reflect on this: How GREAT is it that the two remaining bids to host the 2024 Summer Olympics are in a figurative, innovative battle to see which is the most sustainable? Would this have been the case five years ago? I think not. To channel my inner Joe Biden, this is a ’big…deal!'”

LA2024 will seek to be an early innovator of new technologies that ”have not even been created yet”. On September 13, we will know if Los Angeles will be the host of the Olympics 2024, or if Paris has beaten them.

Hackathon strategy strengthens club’s digital development

Manchester City invites experts and students from the fields of technology, data, marketing, social media and digital product design to challenge each other and themselves in ”hackathons”. A great way to add new energy to areas constantly changing.

The Premier League club is bringing the challenge to the fans in order to discover how digital technology can help ”grow and further reinforce a sense of community and belonging that transcends location and provides a meaningful shared football fan experience for everyone”, to quote the initiative from its source: #HackManCity.

Ideas coming up at the hackathon can be anything from new digital features and content – to new digital products. The common factor is the that the hackers use the latest innovations and technologies, such as native app functionality, live video, wearables, VR/AR, artificial intelligence et cetera.

In this latest hackathon, the developers behind the ”Cityzen Band” and ”Buddy Up” was crowned joint champions – and both teams received £ 5 000 for their efforts.

Hackathon isn’t anything new as events, but there are still very few initiatives around the sports world. Although, some teams might start with traditional focus groups two open a dialogue with their custome… fans. Or fan surveys, or a Twitter survey, or just… do things the way they always done them…