Calendar: Sports Business Conferences & Events 2017

Do you also wonder what sports business and sports marketing conferences that are up for grabs this year? Stop searching.

Conferences and seminars are good for three reasons:

  1. You update yourself with new insights, perspectives and knowledge (or you are confirmed that you already new everything worth to know).
  2. You connect with new (and known) people.
  3. The longer you travel, the more time you will get to complement your thoughts and everyday insights. It’s like vacation for your mind.

Thankfully for sports marketers, Sports Business Institute Barcelona, SportsBusiness Daily and Score and Change published some good (almost perfect) calendars to bookmark.

At this writing, I find goodies like IEG (Chicago), The Telegraph Business of Sport (London), Hashtag Sports (New York), Soccerex Global Convention (Manchester) and Sportel (Monaco) particularly interesting. To name a few.

Finally I want to remind you and myself to visit conferences with other topics than what you are interested in. Recently, I’ve been picking up some nice (macro) trends from Nordic Business Forum and TrendWatching London that has strengthen my sponsorship businesses. It’s all about connecting the dots.