The never ending question – grassroots or gold medals?

According to a survey conducted by YouGov on behalf of Pro Bono Economics, 7% of the UK people said they had been inspired to take up sport by the London Olympics.

And here’s some of the explanations, or should I say ”excuses”, from the rest:

  • 18% blamed ”their busy lifestyle” for their failure to get active
  • 17% cited the cost of playing sport as being the main thing stopping them
  • 12% claimed a lack of local facilities
  • 12% said they simply lacked the confidence to participate in sport.

“Britain really has got sport upside down. Why spend billions on an Olympics when few kids in the country have the facilities to play judo, fencing or equestrianism anywhere near their homes?”, journalist and author Simon Kuper commented the findings.

But the ”effects” of the London 2012 isn’t that easy.

According to UK Sport, who published their own answer to the study, more than half a million people claimed that they and their families were doing more exercise, more than two months after the event. And this was participants from the ”I am team GB” campaign alone.

Personally, I want to track as many of these studies I can to get the most insights ahead of the Swedish campaign for the Winter Olympics 2026. The politicians will give notice of an application this autumn.